Grants for the Arts partnership with Eastern Angles Theatre Company

Eastern Angles is a theatre company and NPO that tours and works across East Anglia with 35 years experience of creating theatre with a sense of place. It has a specific residency commitment to Peterborough, where it has been based since 2008.    The leasing of the Undercroft space has allowed it to expand its offer to the city.
The ethos of UROCK fits perfectly with Eastern Angles’ own ambition to further youth opportunities in a creative and supportive space, where innovation and the development of new talent could be a real driver of cultural ambition in the city. Eastern Angles’ provision of Peterborough based staff will offer on the ground support to UROCK. In addition its creative, administrative, marketing and technical staff will be on hand regularly to assist UROCK.
Eastern Angles has worked with many different partners in Peterborough, including Flag Fen, Nene Park, Metal and many smaller community organisations who have hosted their shows.

Ivan Cutting is Artistic Director of Eastern Angles with great experience in direction, dramaturgy and verbatim theatre techniques. He has most recently directed We Didn’t Mean To Go To Sea, which toured to Nene Park in Peterborough, and previously has created Parkway Dreams, a verbatim musical that featured the Peterborough Development Corporation and toured the city and beyond.

Peterborough Heritage Arts Culture Enterprise


Dec 2016 - June 2017

Peterborough Heritage Arts Culture & Enterprise [PHACE] Commissioned investment from Peterborough Music Hub for UROCK to deliver a Youth Arts Festival

The work mainly programmed with schools included: workshops, residencies with artists 1 & 2 days, performances and teacher dialogues and has delivered 12 events. A total of 50 hours Music & other Art forms enabled young people to experience cultural engagement with a range of 15 artists working in 4 schools and 2 theatres. With a culmination of 275 young people experiencing direct engagement and audiences of 1750 adults/parents/carers and teachers, it raised the profile of music & the arts in the city in new and innovative ways. 15 schools were indirectly connected to the initiatives and a baseline of 100 young people were consulted around their current cultural opportunities in the city.

The working strands embraced 3 clear target audiences:

  1. 10 Pieces BBC Classical music initiative inspired primary schools and included SEN students.
  2. Secondary school students & teachers embraced opportunities within the school curriculum adding expertise and value to existing courses, established through a model of core engagement visits to each school to seed the activity.
  3. Secondary schools and teachers engaged with, out of school beyond the school day activities, including training days and after school times.
    Activities ranged from Vocal workshops, Sound in theatre, Rock Band School, and Choreographic approaches with classical music.


“Overall, UROCK provided a high-quality programme of activity. They supplied timely, detailed feedback and reporting throughout and responded positively to Hub comments and requests. Taking advantage of established programmes allowed the project to reach a wider demographic and increased numbers. This created added value to the project, as well as creating some high-profile performance opportunities for participants. Peterborough Music Hub is grateful for the successful delivery of the programme and ongoing commitment to follow up on the remaining City Supper initiative to conclude the project later this year.”

Michael Cross Peterborough Music Hub Programme Manager