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Connections play choices

UROCK Theatre Company Connections play choices are:

  1. Salt by Dawn King
  2. Variations by Katie Himms

I believe I have listened to everyone’s thoughts and wanted to share with you the choices I applied for today.

We will know our allocated play by the end of September.

I am excited by the potential of both and don’t really have a stronger preference myself as both the above will accommodate a cast of between 12- 15 members and more important will be a strong opportunity for us to create an innovative quality production.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed and I look forward to working with all of you this term and next! PS when you cannot attend please just text me and do not assume I know as i’m not on the student group chat!

We will next Saturday continue to look at both plays in exploring workshops so do come along and start to make a regular commitment to our Company.

Casting and rehearsals will not begin until Dec 2018 but I do have other projects lined up for us to further develop the company and your skills.


On August 15th UROCK held our Connections first Script read, resulting in a really good attendance including: Company members, Associate Artists & Associate members, making it a really exciting event, and I’m delighted to say we have now shortlisted the potential plays to the following:

Flesh by Rob Drummond

Variations by Katie Himms

Salt by Dawn King


UROCKERS new term begins Friday Sept 14th – see link for enrollment

The ethos is centred on making exciting new work using improvisational skills, and merging movement with theatre.   Over the past three years, new Educational Arts models have been developed, giving access to all ages and abilities.  These initiatives have been supported by Norfolk School improvement Services [Viscount Nelson Education Network CIC] , Norfolk and Norwich Festival Bridge, Active Learning Academy Trust, Peterborough Music hub, and PHACE [Peterborough Heritage Arts Culture & Education]